James Stidard

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# about

A programmer with an unhealthy obsession over user/developer experience.

I have sunk many hours into full-stack web development, using mainly Python and JavaScript tools. My go-to tools are currently Postgres, Sanic, and Vue.js. Though, I'm getting pretty psyched about EdgeDB imminent release - it has probably been released by the time you're reading this.

Outside of the webdev world, I'm also familiar with iOS development. I'm currently experimenting with RxSwift; trying to get the joys of UX development that Vue.js has spoiled me with.

You can find my public coding escapades over on my GitHub profile.

Outside-outside (in the real world) I enjoy parks, cycling, climbing, and board games. All of which I should do more of, and less coding.

# professional history

Wave Venture I am currently working on a launching Wave Venture's software service, which will offer simulations, optimisations, and analysis for wave energy farms.
2015 - 2017
A2Z Cloud This role primarily consisted of full-stack web development. These were mainly used a Vue.js front-end along with a WebSocketed connection to a Tornado Web Server.
2013 - 2014
Plymouth University I spent my placement year developing two iOS applications with an emphasis on UX and offline availibility. These applications were mainly built on top of Apple's core frameworks using the Objective-C language.

# academic history

2011 - 2015
First-Class Honours in Computer Science Plymouth University
2008 - 2010
A Levels in Geography, ICT, & Physics Clevedon School

# contact

    "name": "James Stidard",
    "email": "james@stidard.com",
    "github": "/jamesstidard"